I just finished reading Your Salon Success by Megan Wright and I'm very impressed by this no nonsense guide to Salon Success.

Your Salon Success isn't just a "fluff" story about how someone became successful in the beauty industry, it's an invaluable resource for anyone in the beauty industry who owns, or wants to own a successful salon.

Megan has laid out and easy to follow step by step salon success plan that can be applied by anyone in any salon.

As a supplier of healthy salon standard skincare solutions, we're committed to the success of our Salon Partners.

We've already made Your Salon Success an integral part of our Salon Partner Success Program and look we forward to working with Megan to deliver live training based upon this incredible book!

(The Fabulous) Roni B,
Regener8 Health & Beauty

‘I received my copy of your book 'Your Salon Success" yesterday. I started to browse through it today and ended up reading it cover to cover - I love it!

I particularly enjoyed your common sense approach to business and clients. One thing that really excited me was your talk about creating your own product.

I have been exploring creating my own line of shampoo and conditioner and have spent hours trying to find a supplier. I don't want to reinvent the wheel, want to find a supplier I can purchase product from and label it with my brand. Exactly what you did.

I have spoken to several Salon operators who told me I was nuts to bother with my own brand but, like you, I see the potential in having my own brand in my Salon.

Thank you again for such an inspirational and motivating publication.’

Tania Kenna
Colour Pony Salon, Hampton, Victoria

‘Your Salon Success is a great book that will be valuable for any business owner, not necessarily hairdressers only. I got so much value out of it and immediately began rethinking parts of my own business, especially how to combine retail and services in my own industry for maximum client engagement and retention.’

Richard Burian, Language Specialist, go-Enki, Canada

‘Megan has a clear and concise message. She breaks down your education to understandable methods. As an educator, she is reliable and I consider her a mentor and friend.’

Helen Ross
The Hair and Beauty Shop, Bendigo, Victoria

‘Your Salon Success is a revolutionary book for today’s hair and beauty industry. Megan is a wealth of knowledge and experience about how to build and explode your salon to levels you never imagined before. A must-read for those thinking of opening a salon and those who want to take their current salon to new levels of success.’

Natasa Denman
48 Hour Author, Melbourne, Victoria

‘I have known Megan for approximately thirty years, professionally as a salon owner, as an educator in our hairdressing college, and now as a client and friend. She has run a very successful hairdressing business, [training and mentoring] award-winning apprentices and students who have become very successful stylist/business owners in their own right. Megan is well respected within the hairdressing community in Ballarat, Bendigo and Melbourne and I have no doubt that whoever she takes under her wings will benefit from her wealth of knowledge.’

Cheryl Van Doren
Hairdresser, Ballarat, Victoria

‘Megan is an inspiration and has provided valuable business advice and guidance throughout the years. She is a great mentor.’

Katie Tilson
Apple Orchard Beauty, Brown Hill, Victoria